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Renters and first-time homebuyers may qualify for huge savings when purchasing a home with a HASHEM REALTY Agent*.  Our qualified agents are experienced and trained to work with new home buyers.  We work to get you your dream home at a price that is acceptable to you. 


In addition to negotiating the best price for your home, we may assist in either waiving termination fees associated with breaking your lease early (fully or portion) or other savings to help with closing costs.  Members of the Armed Forces may be eligible for even more savings. 


Find your dream home in 4 easy steps!


Fill out the form below or call your HASHEM REALTY Agent for more details and get started.


Schedule a call or meeting with your HASHEM REALTY Agent to discuss the purchase process and your dream home search!


Search for and purchase your dream home with your HASHEM REALTY Agent.


HUGE SAVINGS!  Your HASHEM REALTY Agent will negotiate the best sales price on your home and also work to either waive termination fees (portion of or full) of your lease or find other credits to help towards your closing costs.

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*Purchaser will sign an exclusive buyer's agency agreement with HASHEM REALTY outlining specific cost savings of purchase prior to entering into a home sales contract.  The program will not be valid without agreement on the cost savings program between HASHEM REALTY and Purchaser prior to entering into a home sales contract.  

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