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Selling your home includes more than just sticking a For Sale sign in your front yard and coming up with an arbitrary number to sell it for. Our dedicated team of Agents comes up with a customized Sales and Marketing plan for each home we list For Sale.  

There are seven areas of expertise and proficiency required of an agent to maximize the sale of your property. No two home are exactly alike and so we have created a menu of services for you to choose from that caters to you needs and wishes as a seller. 


Value & Pricing

Drafting a competitive market analysis for your property and opinion of value.


The ability to negotiate your purchase contract is critical to the success of your sale. Our agents are certified negotiation experts ready to tackle the best offer.

Cooperation with other agents

Successfully provide support to other agents.

Buyer Acquisition

Initial agreements on the offering price will be made and kept confidential.


Over 90% of buyers will first see your home online. Our main marketing focus needs to be on how we present your home to the world.

Preparing your property for the market

Put the best foot forward with professional photos, captivating and vivid descriptions, and a variety of web and social media tools.

Systems, support, and execution

Properly support everyone during the transaction and execute on time and on budget.

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